For retaining walls that are built to last, choose Logan Landscaping. We’re your local Brisbane landscaping team, offering horticultural and landscaping services for gardens both big and little. we will construct gorgeous retaining walls that will stand the test of your time, keeping your garden in fine condition without requiring maintenance or additional work. Get custom retaining walls built employing a big variety of materials, and designed consistent with your garden’s style. Call the team at Logan Landscaping today for professional quality retaining walls in Brisbane, both residential and commercial.

Whether you would like an easy wall for your garden or a wall the length of your property’s perimeter, we will build it. Our team of professional landscapers have years of experience and have certifications in both horticulture and landscaping. All our team members undergo regular training to form sure we’re up so far with the newest landscaping techniques and style ideas. If you’ve got a thought for a wall or the other landscaping, ask our team and that we can assist you to make it a reality.

A wall may be a fantastic feature for any garden. Use retaining walls to make a tiered garden, or use one to stay your garden break away your lawn or home. Create paths and add definition to your garden.

We can construct retaining walls from many materials, including:

Gravity Retaining Walls:

These walls rely on weight and stability to retain soil, and as such are often made of bricks, stone or other heavy materials. If constructed correctly, these walls can greatly improve the look of your garden.

Cantilevered Retaining Walls:

Shaped like an upside-down T, these walls are fairly popular for gardens. They operate by having a T-bar buried under the ground for stability. These walls are often made from reinforced or precast concrete. Their design allows for them to retain soil at greater angles and in smaller spaces effectively

Panel and Post Retaining Walls:

These walls are made by placing wood panels or planks between metal posts driven into the ground. They require holes to be dug into the ground for the posts, but work well as a cheaper alternative to stone or brick.

Anchored Retaining Wall:

Using cables, this wall is pinned to the ground or wall behind it. Anchors in the ground are usually reinforced with concrete. This kind of wall is built before the garden is made.

Get Retaining Walls Brisbane Today

If you’re looking for retaining walls in Brisbane, let the team at Logan Landscaping help. We offer a wide range of landscaping services, from garden edging to timber decking and much more! We can cater for both residential and commercial gardens. Call us today on 0412734833 for a free quote!

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