Irrigation Brisbane

Is your irrigation system in need of urgent maintenance or improvements Logan Landscapes know how to take care of any problems, big or small? We are prompt and charge very competitive rates. Do you require a professionally designed and installed new reticulation system? In such a dry climate, good irrigation solutions are a necessity. You need effective systems that ensure consistent performance and excellent longevity. With a properly installed reticulation system tailored to your specific watering needs, gardening becomes a breeze.

Is your submersible bore or your controller giving you trouble or do you want to consider a new bore? We have the knowledge, experience and qualifications to also take care of these needs competitively. Whether you are a new home owner or you are about to reticulated your existing lawns and gardens, we have the perfect design solution for you.

Commercial reticulation projects can also access this package. The design will come with a list of the main parts used, pictures of the parts and an explanation of how the system functions.

Installing a dripline system is a water-efficient way of irrigating your garden as the water stays beneath the mulch and goes straight to the root zone of the plants. On average it uses 150L per square meter a year, as opposed to a typical sprinkler system that would use 750L per square meter a year.

Automatic Garden Lawn sprinkler in action watering grass.

High quality guaranteed

All installations use parts of the highest standard to ensure brilliant, long-lasting performance. If your system needs repairs or adjustments, a Water-wise trained and qualified expert will visit your premises and fix things up quickly and safely. We give 12 months full warranty on new installations and 3 months for maintenance work.

Electrical solutions

In addition to working on your sprinkler system, we’ll set up your reticulation controller and address any electrical issues. Lance can take care of most problems and we have a quality fully qualified electrician who can join him if required.

Experienced irrigation and reticulation technicians

Ross supervises all work and our technicians and installers are experienced and personally developed by Lance to work to his high standards. We service many areas south of Brisbane and Gold coast. Logan Landscapes understands the monumental role that reticulation plays in your domestic or commercial gardens and lawns to be able to thrive.

Quality workmanship and real value for money

All work is supervised or undertaken by owner Ross Logan who is 30 years experienced, certified “water wise garden irrigator” by water corporation and electrical licensed to test and replace controllers and bore pumps. We can keep prices very low and competitive without using budget parts. We are committed to using only the best products available.

Automatic sprinklers watering lawn


Quality Lawn Reticulation in Brisbane

Water Your Lawn Efficiently:  Reticulation or lawn irrigation systems are essential to ensure even watering of your entire lawn. At Logan Landscapes, we provide cost-effective and convenient solutions to keep your garden lush, green and healthy. Our services include lawn sprinkler system installation, lawn irrigation systems improvement, and complete reticulation installation in Brisbane.

Avoid Common Lawn Problems:  Say goodbye to patchy grass, yellowing turf and bald spots caused by underwatering, or wilted grass, squishy soil, fungus and weed overgrowth due to overwatering. With professional Brisbane reticulation services and lawn sprinkler system installation, you can effortlessly maintain the health and beauty of your lawn. An efficient irrigation system prevents common lawn problems and saves you time and money on unnecessary maintenance.


Lawn Irrigation Systems for Greener, Lusher Gardens

Ensure your grass and plants receive the right amount of water with our lawn irrigation systems and reticulation installation in Brisbane. Our expert technicians provide lawn sprinkler system installation and reticulation services for gardens and properties of any size, making it easy to keep your lawn or garden healthy and manageable. Say goodbye to water waste and scheduling headaches with our easy-to-maintain reticulation services at Logan Landscapes.

Still on the fence? Here are just a few of the benefits you get:


Manual watering wastes a lot of water and potentially overwaters or drowns your plants. Save water with modern irrigation systems.


Install sprinkler systems and save money on your water bills by using precisely the right amount of water every time.


Watering your garden has never been this easy. Save precious time and effort, and let your sprinklers do the job.


An irrigation system ensures that your entire lawn receives adequate water supply, even in areas that are hard to reach.


Protect garden soil’s valuable nutrients. Avoid hand-watering and allowing excess water to seep into the ground, damaging its nutritional value.


Proper watering promotes healthy plant growth. At the same time, it can reduce harmful fungi, weeds, and other plant diseases.