Lawn Installed Brisbane

Get the Healthy, Green Lawn You’ve Always Wanted

When we talk about a house having “curb appeal”, few things contribute as much as a beautiful lawn. The best lawns are properly prepared prior to any new installation. Skipping steps here will cause problems and headaches you will have to contend with for years. The Logan Landscapes Team offers a number of options for installing turf grass areas:

Hydroseeding A simple process utilizing water (hydro), seed, fertilizer and a wood fiber or paper fiber mulch (hydro mulch). These are all mixed together at one time and applied over the soil. Thus, the soil is seeded, fertilized, watered and mulched in a one-step application. Sodding This is grass that has already been planted from seed by a local farm. It’s then harvested by slicing a very thin layer of topsoil and sent directly to the installation site. Direct Broadcast/Drop Seeding Definitely the least expensive way to install a lawn. The same preparation is necessary for this type of seeding as for Hydroseeding and laying Sod. Then the seed is “spread” over the prepared soil area and raked in.

Everyone is impressed by a beautiful green lawn. It’s inviting. It’s beneficial for the environment. It is the contrasting frame that accents your landscape plantings. And best of all, it increases the value of your property. Successful results depend on proper preparation and selecting the right method for your site. Only by evaluating soil conditions, watering practices, and amount of available sunlight in lawn areas can we select the best approach for your new lawn installation or renovation project.


New Lawn Installation

Logan Landscapes have been providing lawn installation services in Brisbane for over 30 years. We assist you through the whole process, from delivering the grass, the earthworks, soil prep, and laying the grass. We service both north and south of the river!

Logan Landscapes use in-house specialty equipment such as turf cutters, compactors, Bobcat skid steer, and tip trucks for earthmoving, landscaping and lawn installation. Our team are fully certified and ticketed with a wealth of experience in the residential and civil earthworks industry.

If you have low access to your backyard and machines won’t fit, our team are quick to get the wheelbarrows out so timeframes are met! We install both roll-on-grass and artificial grass. View the types of lawn grass we provide here. Our natural roll-on lawn is weed-free, pest-free and is durable against the harsh Brisbane weather when properly planted and taken care of.


Installation Options:

  • Hydro-Seeding:

    Best for new lawn installations on bare earth areas where the existing grade, soil depth and soil quality are satisfactory. For new construction sites or uneven terrain, we provide site preparation including sub-grading for proper drainage, installation of screened topsoil, and finished grading.

  • Power-Seeding:

    Over-seeding is often the best option for thin, damaged, or spotty areas in existing lawns where the grade and soil depth are satisfactory. Following core aeration, your entire lawn or specific problem areas will be power-seeded with a premium-quality grass seed blend which is appropriate for your site conditions. Thinner areas will receive heavier seed applications.

  • Sod Installation:

    You’ll get instant results with bluegrass sod. Sod can be installed at any time during the growing season. Please note that sod will not thrive without consistent watering, sufficient sunlight, and ongoing maintenance. Sod is not recommended for shady or non-irrigated sites.

Lawn Removal & Install Services Include:


    We will measure your garden and ensure you receive the best grass type for the environmental factors such as shade, traffic and soil type around your home.


    Logan Landscapes professional spray the grass two weeks prior to the install to ensure all weeds and old grass are fully removed.


    Once the old grass, debris, rocks and weeds are removed, we smooth, shape and level the surface to prepare for the lawn installation. This is to ensure the grass is levelled with the surrounding area. If this is a new block, cutting the earth first to sculpt the land is a great way to utilise the dirt on-site.


    When we have levelled the ground, we add soil improvers to enhance the soil’s water holding capacity and provide essential nutrients to your lawn.
    This step is not added in if we are installing artificial grass.


    Once the soil has absorbed the soil improvers, we install the turf rolls. We ensure all grass rolls are cut to fit with all angles in your garden, including curved garden beds, driveways and brick paving. To ensure your new grass is level with hard surfaces, such as your driveway and paving, we take into consideration the grass thickness when preparing the soil.


    After we have installed the roll-on turf, we recommend you to water the soil regularly. It is critical to keep the grass watered at all times for the first fourteen days until the grass has rooted. We provide clients with aftercare instructions and advice after installation.
    A new lawn will take approximately 12 months before it has established a good root system, and will need more water during its first summer.

Committed to Results:

Growinga healthy, green lawn from seed won’t happen overnight. It takes time for a newly-seeded lawn to develop into a dense stand of turf grass. Best results depend upon sufficient watering, proper mowing and continuing maintenance. We warranty our work and will follow up after seeding or sod installation to evaluate results and confirm your satisfaction. Regularly scheduled fertilization along with weed and insect control are important so that your new lawn continues to thrive

Why Your Lawn Matters

A beautiful, green lawn gives your home a variety of benefits. Some of these are:


A well-maintained lawn increases your property’s value and improves people’s perception of your home.

Erosion Prevention

With up to 90 per cent of the weight of grasses planted on their roots, lawns help prevent erosion and reduce runoff.


Enjoy an instant picnic, sports and play space in the comfort of your home.

Cooling Effect

Minimise the effects of long periods of heatwaves. Lawn surfaces absorb the sun’s heat during the day and gradually releases it at night-time, cooling your property at the end of the day.

Minimised Air Pollution

The grass traps dust and dirt, reducing allergens that lead to respiratory illnesses.