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A well-designed landscape can increase the value of a property and have a dramatically affect the owner’s enjoyment of an outdoor space. If you are thinking about having a design completed, Logan Landscapes has a structured creative process in which this is achieved with its clients. As each
project is quite different in terms of creative elements, functionality, size and scope, we ask that those interested in a design.

Logan Landscapes are your first choice for Brisbane landscape design. Our team has the combined knowledge, experience, and finesse to develop a landscape design concept which reflects the style and individuality of each of our residential, commercial, and public landscaping clients.

Our landscaping designs take into account a wide range of client specific factors including physical site constraints, plant preferences, existing and planned architectural elements, contemporary and traditional design inspiration, local environmental conditions, materials, construction methods, and ongoing maintenance requirements. Our knowledgeable designers will work with you to incorporate your desired elements and bring your vision to life



‘Every garden is unique and there is no one design that fits all’

Great gardens start with great designs and great design is more than just good styling. At Logan Landscapes we understand that the essence of great design is also about the practicalities of daily living. A garden should be functional as well as beautiful. We know that water is precious, we understand what plants thrive in our local environment and we know all about your soil. We really are passionate about design and we want to create an awesome garden for you.

Whether you are building from scratch, renovating or you just want someone to make sense of your own ideas, Ross Can help you. For the best results, don’t leave it until you are about to move in. Ross likes to consider the whole of the site as the canvas for design. your alfresco area and even give you advice on floor levels, door openings and selections and almost anything to do with your build that will affect your enjoyment of the garden.

Whether you want to feel the grass beneath your feet, enjoy a cool refreshing dip in your pool, or simply sit back, relax and savour a glass of wine with friends in your new alfresco entertaining area – Logan Landscapes can create the ideal outdoor landscape for your home. No matter the size of the project, our team will guide you through the entire landscaping process from design to construction to bring your vision to life.

Landscape Design Concept

At Logan Landscapes every design is unique and detailed to suit our customer’s needs.In every project, we begin by meeting you on site and taking in the architecture, surrounds, site conditions and house style to understand as much as we can about what you desire and need for your outdoor space. In doing this, we aim to provide you with solutions that are functional, innovative and beautiful and truly connect with you and your home. We have three design packages to suit a range of needs and budgets. Our design process begins with three phases; consultation, concept design and design development.

Initial Consultation

Once a design package has been accepted, we will have an onsite consultation with our landscape architect and our construction manager to define the scope, brief and budget of your landscape project. This will give us the knowledge we need to develop the concept design and get the bones of the design right.

Landscape Design 02
Landscape Design 01

Concept Delivery

We will create a concept plan, often with alternate options, which is a broad layout that responds to your design proposal discussed in the initial consultation. We will meet with you and any other stakeholders again to present the concept to you in printed and digital form whereby you can make revisions in two stages to finalise the layout.

Design Development & Documentation

This is the stage where all the detail is added in that had been discussed in the revision process so that we can document the plan with all the information needed for construction. The plans will then be sent to you and it is at this stage a final quotation will be provided for the construction of the project.

Our Strategy

  • 01

    From the moment we receive the invitation to tender the project our estimators get in contact with the client to set up a meeting so we can know more about the requirements.

  • 02

    Our project estimators provide a comprehensive report detailing your design / development requirements and pricing.

  • 03

    Once we get the contract, we meet with the client to discuss the project

  • 04

    We design a schedule with the time frame of the projects and we establish a channel of communication with the project manager to warranty good communication.

  • 05

    Our project manager and landscaping team work in conjunction to warranty we deliver the project on time.

  • 06

    Project is delivered and handover to our maintenance team to continue looking after the site.

Landscaping Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is probably longer than you expect!
Every job is different and the time it takes to finish job depends on the complexity of the job. When we book in your work for you, we also include the approximate construction time. This may vary depending on weather and unforseen circumstances, but gives you a good idea on what to expect.
It is good to note, that we are not the type of landscapers that rush our work to get the job completed quickly. Instead we focus on building quality landscapes that will stand the test of time. If this is the type of landscaper you have been looking for… well you are in luck!

Yes!The best thing is for us to come out and visit your home to get a sense of the space and surroundings. We can discuss options and run ideas past you. If you decide what you would like, we can provide an obligation free quote.

This depends on the size of the design and complexity of the project. It usually takes 3 weeks to complete a design.

We have our preferred and trusted suppliers who are mostly local to the Inner West community. We do however, source materials from all over Brisbane. Our aim is to get the best quality materials at the most competitive prices.