Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn Installation Questions

Best results are achieved during late summer/early fall. Warm days and cool nights are ideal. New grass has time to mature before winter without competition from vigorous weeds. Although sometimes necessary, lawn seeding in the spring and summer is not recommended. Newly emerging grass will struggle and be crowded out by fast-growing weeds and crabgrass. Hot temperatures can adversely affect delicate new grass. Although seeding can be performed at this time, some areas may require touch-up seeding in the fall.

Inadequate sunlight is often a major factor in lawn deterioration. Shading increases as nearby trees mature. Selective pruning or tree removal may be required to increase penetration of sunlight. Learn more about Horticultural Pruning.

We’re an all-in-one landscaping and lawn installation service provider in Brisbane. Our accredited turf installers handle all the measurements, soil preparation, ground levelling, soil improvement and turf laying for you.

We’ve been in business for over 15 years. Our team completes each project based on the client’s budget. Talk to us today so we can discuss the most suitable approach to your lawn project.

Retaining Wall

Generally yes you do. It does depend on the height and the size. If the wall is higher than 1 meter then yes you will need to get council approval. But it’s important to first check with your local council as there can be a number of variations.

Every building project, retaining wall included needs to submit an engineer’s design. And yes of course, We can organise the design process for you. We have a team that we will work closely with us to achieve this.

Unfortunately no you cannot. If you want to know more about retaining walls requirements. Here is a link to the QLD councils regulations.

That’s something that’s hard to give an answer to as it does depend on a number of variations. The size of the wall is of course a big factor.

The material. Soil conditions. Land variations. And a number of other factors.

That’s why It’s best to get one of our on-site inspections. We can get a much better idea through pricing your wall after the site inspection. That’s pretty much the only method as it gives you a much better idea as to what’s involved without the guesswork.

Inadequate sunlight is often a major factor in lawn deterioration. Shading increases as nearby trees mature. Selective pruning or tree removal may be required to increase penetration of sunlight. Learn more about Horticultural Pruning.
If wall taller then 1 metres and engineer plan will be needed. Logan landscapes can organise this engineering plan.

Yes, Logan Landscapes can organise building application for you.

Not generally. The B.C.C. requires a minimum of 0.6 metres within your property boundary. Then the higher the wall the more it will need to be set back within your property.

Reticulation system

Simply, a garden reticulation system is the water system that evenly distributes water throughout your lawn. It keeps your water sprinkler system going and makes sure the water pipes aren’t leaking.

A comprehensive reticulation system is made up of pop-up sprinklers that water your plants, underground pipes that transport water, valves that regulate the water flow and a reticulation control box.

Water pipes can corrode and get worn out over time. If they have been laying in your system for years, or if you notice a leak in your garden reticulation system, it might be time for a system upgrade.

The cost of our garden reticulation system depends on your lawn’s needs, the system design and your budget. The pricing we give you is transparent and final. There are no additional fees.


The short answer is probably longer than you expect!
Every job is different and the time it takes to finish job depends on the complexity of the job. When we book in your work for you, we also include the approximate construction time. This may vary depending on weather and unforseen circumstances, but gives you a good idea on what to expect.
It is good to note, that we are not the type of landscapers that rush our work to get the job completed quickly. Instead we focus on building quality landscapes that will stand the test of time. If this is the type of landscaper you have been looking for… well you are in luck!

Yes!The best thing is for us to come out and visit your home to get a sense of the space and surroundings. We can discuss options and run ideas past you. If you decide what you would like, we can provide an obligation free quote.

This depends on the size of the design and complexity of the project. It usually takes 3 weeks to complete a design.

We have our preferred and trusted suppliers who are mostly local to the Inner West community. We do however, source materials from all over Brisbane. Our aim is to get the best quality materials at the most competitive prices.