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Professional landscape design is the best way to create a stunning, unique garden you can really be proud of. The right design doesn’t just transform the look of your property, but also increases its value and extends your living areas – enhancing your home and your lifestyle. When created by a professional, a carefully planned, creative design also ensures you will be pleased with the result and minimise surprises along the way.

LoganLandscaping Experts creates residential and commercial landscape designs that will suit your space, location, budget and lifestyle. Our designers have extensive plant and material knowledge and can offer expert advice and insights to help guide you through the process. Whether it’s a simple addition or a complete renovation, you can expect quality results from every landscape design we complete.

Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

A well-designed garden landscape requires expert knowledge of plants, materials, construction, functionality and the way to bring all that together while creating an area that appears beautiful and meets the requirements of your family and lifestyle. A poorly planned design, incorrect plant choices, or badly-chosen materials can render your space impractical and end in costly issues instead of providing a functional and enjoyable extension of your property.

Hiring knowledgeable allows you to avoid those problems before they arise. An expert landscape designer creates spaces that are practical, beautiful and well-thought-out! From your residential or commercial property’s architecture to our Brisbane climate and soils, understanding and designing with these elements in mind is integral to making a practical and attractive garden. Our designs contain everything you’ll got to move forward and start construction. No confusion or mix-ups with future contractors, no hidden costs or placement errors, the whole design are laid out clearly – guaranteeing a final product which is precisely what you wanted and can provide enjoyment for years to return.

Residential Designs

Your garden is an extension of your home. Make the foremost of your outdoor space with knowledgeable residential landscape design. Logan Landscaping Experts will assist you transform your space with the proper design elements and best industry practices.

We specialise in:

Utilising design elements that make your landscape more comfortable and inviting.
Maximising the space with smart, functional design.
Selecting plants and trees which are appropriate for the climate and space of your garden.
Increasing your property value by ensuring your garden renovation is well-designed and fully functional.

Commercial Designs

Commercial landscaping presents several advantages for your space. Aside from beautification, a good design can make it more functional. Let our team of professionals transform your space for better business.

We can help:

Elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal by integrating the right design elements with your space and goals.
Maximise the space by installing outdoor seating or even simple shade sails.
Transform your outdoor space into an extension that can be used by your staff, clients and visitors.
Get the most out of your investment by selecting features that will last for the long-term.

How our experienced landscape designers can help – the planning process

Initial Consultation. During the initial consultation your landscape designer will sit down with you onsite, undergo all of your requirements and determine more about your personal desires for your space; plant and colour preferences, theme, your lifestyle and wishes for the area… ensuring we understand exactly what you’re after so we will create that for you!

Conceptual Plan. Armed with all the knowledge from the consult, your landscape designer can draw up the primary draft of your concept plan, taking into consideration your dreams and goals for your property. Their expertise and knowledge will turn that into a tangible decision to assist you to visualise how your completed landscape design will look.

Concept Presentation. The designer then comes onsite to speak you thru the present concept plan face to face, so you’ll discuss what you’re keen on and re-evaluate any changes you’ve got in mind now that you simply have seen the concept design.

Master Landscape Design Plan. Once you’ve got signed off on the concept plan, they will draft the master design plan. this is often an entire plan containing everything you’ll got to move forward and start construction. No confusion or mix-ups with future contractors, no hidden costs or placement errors, the whole design is laid out clearly – guaranteeing a final product which is precisely what you wanted.

Landscaping Technical Documentation. alongside your landscape design plan, we’ll provide you with a full technical report documenting everything that we are proposing to install; from plant suggestions and maintenance sheets to technical installation specifications.

Project Installation. Now you’ve got everything you would like, it’s time to commence with the development and install for your design. we will take complete management and oversight of your project, also as hiring and liaising with our trusted contractors to form sure every single detail of your design involves life and is completed with the very best quality of labor. You gain peace of mind knowing that your qualified landscape designer, who has gone with you on this journey and understands exactly what you would like, is responsible for creating it happen.

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