Soft Landscaping

Planting and Turfing

We understand that the fundamentals of successful landscaping are good plants, good soil and good cultivation. By insisting on high quality raw materials and best practice, Logan Landscapes ensures that plants become established quickly.

Logan Landscapes staff have always been experts at planting and keeping plants alive. Good planting technique also includes careful plant selection. Good quality stock is sometimes hard to source.Quality and availability can vary with the seasons and fashion. Luckily,Logan Landscapes has good relations with some of Queensland best nurseries including Logan’s Nurseries and Blue Sky nurseries.We also use a network of reliable supplies.

All our staff ave been trained to make each plant look it’s best all the time. From mass planting of tubestock to transplanting large trees – Logan Landscapes has the best staff and the best equipment. Most staff have Horticultural cert 3 qualifications as well as years of practical experience.

Logan Landscapes clients have always demanded and expected the best looking plants in their projects and we have delivered. Clients including KFC,Brisbane City Council,BP,Aldi, Energex, etc, have all commented about the quality of our plants and their ability to remain drought tolerant over time.

Much of Logan Landscapes planting practice was refined installing planting to the KFC stores in Queensland. Plants had to survive with no irrigation and provide a lush colour that ties in with the store’s identity.


One of Logan Landscapes’ great efficiencies is having our own late model bobcat and excavator which transform a site in a very short time. This efficiency translates into a cheaper price for clients as well as smoother job performance because the equipment is always readily available. Logan Landscapes’ trucks, power and hand tools complete the machinery needs.