Retaining Walls

We specialize in all types of retaining walls. Retaining walls are major components within a landscape and are erected to form physical and visual barriers, to control noise and winds or to define space. In every retaining wall construction, Logan Landscapes is aware of the responsibility to provide a product which will give many years of trouble free service.

Logan Landscapes have been building and replacing retaining walls for over 30 years.We can construct all types of walls

Keystone, Vertica & Tasman Blocks

These systems rise upwards on an angle just short of vertical. Perfect for curved or straight walls. These systems are usually used for walls greater than 1 metre high. When built with no fine concrete or geogrid reinforcing these walls can be built quite high; to engineer’s specifications.

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Windsor & Keystone Garden Walls

These systems are perfect for curved and straight walls. They can generally be built to around 1.2 metre high, without extra reinforcing. They have an attractive rough face appearance. These blocks are a very neat, durable and popular system.

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Terrace Blocks

This product is a very cost effective system. It can be planted out
with flowers, fern, groundcovers etc. Or for low maintenance can be
filled with gravel. Can generally be built to around 1.5 metres high.

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Sandstone Rocks

We source local sandstone, and hand select each piece to put together
a beautiful retaining wall. Most people are very surprised how
competitively priced our rock walls are compared to other systems.

Stone Masonry

Logan Landscapes has used sandstone ,granite ,basalt,prophry,bluestone
to build beautiful stone pitched walls. Logan Landscapes take our
time to get a flat face finish. Between all the rock is solid
concrete. We backfill with drainage gravel, weep holes and
agricultural pipe.These walls can be structurally engineered.Logan
Landscapes have built stone pitched walls over 3 M high

Concrete Sleepers

Concrete sleepers are a popular alternative to traditional timber
sleeper walls. Concrete sleepers are a product that combines the
strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a wood grain
finish. They will never be eaten by termites, or develop dry rot.
These systems require very little space and have the intrinsic
durability of concrete.

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Boulder Walls

Boulder walls are gravity walls, which generally require very little
or no special footings. We source local sandstone boulders, and
machine select each piece to put together a beautiful rustic style
boulder retaining wall.

Most people are very surprised how competitively priced our boulder
walls are compared to other systems.

Concrete Crib

Concrete Crib walls are gravity retaining walls constructed from very
durable concrete headers & stretchers.
Backfilled with free draining material and earth.
These systems rise upwards on 4 Vertical: 1Horizontal.
Perfect for straight walls over 1.5 metres high.

Common Questions Answered …

Q. Do I need Council approval?
A.Brisbane City Council requires any retaining wall in excess of 1
metre high to have building approval. Any retaining wall that is less
than 1.5 metres away from a building, other retaining wall or other
building structure also requires approval.*

Q. Do I need an engineer’s design for my new retaining wall? If so,
can you organize it?
A. All building applications require an engineer’s design. Yes we can
organize your design; we always prefer to work with our own
engineering associates.

Q. Can you organize the building application for us?
A. Logan Landscapes can help, by organizing an engineering associate
to produce a design and relevant forms required for the application.
It is up to the owner of the property to lodge the actual application.

Q. Can my retaining wall be built on my property boundary?
A. Not generally. The B.C.C. requires a minimum of 0.6 metres within
your property boundary. Then the higher the wall the more it will need
to be set back within your property.*

Q. Can I build my retaining wall over an easement on my property?
A. Not generally.*

* For more information on B.C.C. requirements and regulations

Q. How much does a retaining wall cost?
A. There is no easy answer to this. Every site is different whether it
is because of access, varying soil conditions, surcharges, and size of
wall. We can only accurately price your job after a site inspection,
and preferably an onsite meeting. See our “Quote Request”.

Q. Can you give me a rough idea of price per square metre? How long
might I expect a properly designed and constructed retaining wall to
A. H5 Treated pine logs 20 years+ $230 – $350.
Rocks/Boulders 40 years+ (Random $140 – $250)
($170 – $280“Bgrade” cut sandstone) ($280 – $500 “A grade” cut sandstone).
Interlocking concrete blocks 40 years+ ($150 – $450 Unreinforced)
($300 – $650 Reinforced with geogrids or Mass concrete).
Concrete Crib 40 years+ $250 – $450.
Concrete sleepers 15 years+ $270 – $450.
Core filled “Besser block” 40 years+ $400 – $600.

The above information is indicative only, and would be for average
conditions and minimum of 25m2. While every effort has been made to
ensure the accuracy of this information, Logan Landscapes accepts no
responsibility for any error or omission.

We can also supply and install fencing, paving, concreting, steps and
general landscaping when it forms part of a retaining wall job.