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About Logan Landscapes

Established in 1979, Brisbane based Logan Landscapes is a multi-award winning contractor who has successfully completed more than 1500 Queensland projects between the Central Queensland and the New South Wales border. More than 50 landscaping jobs have been undertaken during the past 12 months in South East Queensland.

Logan Landscapes’ commitment is to quality commercial and medium to large scale commercial landscaping.

Like our plants, we never stop growing. Our systems are continuously being refined and improved, and we invest heavily in the latest machinery. Our qualified staff bring years of experience with them to every job.


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Brisbane City Council

“Logan Landscapes are one of the suppliers of landscape construction services to Brisbane City Council as part of a landscape construction panel. I have used Logan Landscapes for several projects in the Central region which include:

Dutton Park toilet upgrade:

  • Re-profile existing ground levels up to the new restroom.
  • Construct a new wheelchair accessible link path to the restroom.
  • Cut existing car-park curb to create a crossover point.
  • Prepare area for turfing.

Jeays Street Park community garden:

  • Clear site of undesirable vegetation.
  • Install tiered retaining walls using concrete pre-formed sleepers to create raised gardens.
  • Trenching works and installation of waterpipes.
  • Construction of pedestrian paths around planting beds.
  • Installation of growing media.

Both of these projects were completed to a very high standard and I would recommend that Logan Landscapes for future work.”

Jesu Garcia

Brisbane City Council,

Beech Constructions

“Beech Constructions have been using Logan Landscapes for over 20 years. Ross and his team have always been professional and easy to work with. Logan Landscapes have always delivered a quality result. They arrive when they say they will and finish within our time frames. It is good to use a sub-contractor who does not try to cut corners. Ross is always willing to offer useful advise and help to get the job completed on time and within budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Logan Landscapes.”

Magnus Olson

Construction Manager

Beech Constructions,

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